Contract Manufacturing

As Gummy Worlds, we understand the significance of choosing the right contract manufacturer for your supplement needs. Partnering with the right manufacturing team can unlock a world of possibilities for your business, allowing you to focus on your core strengths and innovations while we handle the production process. Our contract manufacturing services offer you the opportunity to benefit from our manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest technology and know-how in the industry. With our expertise in gummy production, we have the capability to collaborate with you to bring your unique gummy formulations and concepts to life or to improve your existing formulations.

Why Choose a Contract Manufacturer?

Hiring a contract manufacturer offers numerous advantages, primarily freeing up your valuable resources that would otherwise be tied up in non-core functions. This empowerment enables your team to channel their efforts towards innovation, strategic planning, and enhancing your product line.


Pectin Gummy

It is a plant-based polysaccharide with gelling properties. It is the best alternative for different types of nutrition, such as vegan and vegetarian. Provides a soft and elastic appearance.

Gelatin Gummy

It is the traditional gelling agent used in the food industry. Gelatin-based products offer a transparent, shiny and elastic appearance.

Pectin & Gelatin Gummy

We can make a difference by creating another perfect structure with the combination of pectin & gelatin.

Aroma Options

We use juice concentrates and natural flavors/colors in our Gummy products. We can produce targeted gummy products according to the demands of many different tastes. Unique and naturally flavored with more than 100 different flavor options we can create gummy products.

Mold & Shape Options

By making use of more than 100 molds in our gummy products, we enable brands to make a difference in their gummy figures. We can produce delightful products in different ways.

Colour options

By offering different color usages in Gummy products, we make them look more interesting and fun. We can determine gummy colors according to the contents or the colors used in the packaging. Gummy Worlds, by making use of more than 100 colors, we enable them to make a difference in their gummy products.

Coating Options

We can make gummy products ready for consumption with sugar coating or oil coating options. While we create a smooth texture on the surfaces of oil-coated products, we offer a rough texture appearance in sugar-coated products. We ensure that the most suitable coating is preferred for the demands and targets.

Package Options

We can diversify gummy packaging depending on consumer needs.
We offer different packaging uses in Gummy products according to demand.

Child Safety
Bottle with Lid

(150, 250, 400cc)

Pillow Type

(10, 20, 50, 100, 1000g)