Gummy Worlds

Where Gummy Dreams Come True!

Operating under the prestigious umbrella of Alyors Holding, we are a specialized manufacturer dedicated to producing premium gummy supplements. Guided by our commitment to excellence, we manufacture in a factory equipped with modern technology, staffed by dedicated experts. This synergy of advanced infrastructure and experienced professionals ensures the production of high-end products that meet the highest quality standards.

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Our Services

Specializing in crafting superior custom formulations and packaging, we enable you to establish your distinctive gummy vitamin brand.


We offer specialized gummy production and customizable formulations leveraging our advanced manufacturing facilities and industry expertise through contract manufacturing services.


"Experience our bulk production service offering flexible weight options with freshness always a priority. Our advanced packaging process, utilizing nitrogen gas and fully automated machines, ensures stability and contamination prevention, ideal for food storage."


Elevate your brand in the supplement market with our Private Label services, covering gummy production, packaging design, labeling, and regulatory compliance for a cohesive brand-product alignment.

Gummy Worlds
Manufacturing Facility

Gummies produced with the latest technology and world quality standards!

  • 3500 sq. meters closed production area
  • 1000 tons gummy production capacity per year
  • Both semi & fully-automated production lines managed by experienced specialists
  • Latest technology equipment
  • Strict quality assurance protocols
  • The highest standards from formulation development to production and packaging