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Private Label

Our Private Label services help you create your own private gummy brand and take part in the supplementary food market. Our private label services extend beyond gummy production. While we continuously enrich our Gummy Worlds product range with innovation and sectoral trends, we also provide assistance with packaging design, labeling, and regulatory compliance, ensuring that the final product in line with brand identity and meets all necessary legal requirements.

    • Share your gummy quote and let’s start building your Gummy World!

    • Choose the gummy technology that best suits your needs.

      Starch Gummies; combines the nutritional benefits of starch with the convenience of a chewable and flavorful treat.

      Pectin Gummies; made from pectin, a naturally occurring substance found in fruits and vegetables.

      Gelatin Gummies; these delightful and chewy candies are made using gelatin, a protein derived from animal collagen

    • You have three alternatives to decide how to proceed with the formulation. Gummy Worlds is ready to support you in every option.

    • Yummy and healthy gummies!

      At Gummy Worlds you can find a wide range of gummy flavors.

      Only choose your desired taste!

    • Let’s make colorful gummies!

      To build the most attractive gummy you want, choose the color of your choice from more than 100 color options.

    • At Gummy Worlds you find an exciting collection of over 100 molds, bursting with creativity, which means we can produce a delightful array of gummies in countless playful shapes and designs for you.

      We also offer coating options, sugar or oil, adding extra sweetness and flavor to your delicious treats.

    • Select the package that best suits your needs and preferences, ensuring your gummies are packaged in a way that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

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